The Life and Times of
Ms. Jules Nancy Ferrin

This is a record of the life of the unbreakable Jules Ferrin (born August 16, 2015) of Portland, OR. Each year she (or her parents) filled out the form below. The result is a timeline that's part journal, part time capsule, and part photo album, begun at the beginning, by her uncle Bup.

turned 12016

Oh Boy, It's a Girl

year one highlights
  • achievementholding things in my hand
  • favoriteMe, Jane from my Uncle Bup and Aunt Jillian
  • thankful formy bassinet, which vibrates!
  • adventuremy first Christmas
  • working on itbaths

“Hey there sweet pea.”

turned 22017

Big Sister

year two highlights
  • achievementgoing down a slide, bringing things to people
  • favoritepizza
  • thankful formy push cart
  • adventuretouring the cul de sac, swim lessons
  • working on itsilverware, the word “No”

just sharing a berry shake with pop!

turned 32018

String Beans and Cucumbers

year three highlights
  • achievementpotty-trained! cutting my own food with a knife, using scissors
  • favoritesweets, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rose/Gold Natives
  • thankful formy little sister, moon bounce!
  • adventureMontessori School, Seattle Mariner's game!
  • working on itlearning how to ride a bike, taking off my own t-shirt

highlight: nonna, pop, Umcle Bup, and Jillian's week-long visit to Oregon!

turned 42019

Swim Time!

year four highlights
  • achievementwriting her own letters and numbers, almost reading!
  • favoriteloves to color, loves to swim
  • thankful forher little sister, friends at school, dessert
  • adventurewell this is the year of Greta so we’ve been taking her on a lot of trips since Jules went on everything last year. As for adventure I would say learning to swim (def an adventure) and going to the beach and playing in the sand all day!
  • working on itliking dogs

“Mommy I will be nice to them even if they aren’t nice to me.” 😭

turned 52020

Birthday Dinner

year five highlights
  • achievementalmost writing words, biking without training wheels, and liking dogs
  • favoritestill loves to swim and going out to dinner
  • thankful forGreta, mommy, and daddy of course as well as meeting new friends
  • adventureBlack Butte and driving to Palm Springs
  • working on itreading and delayed gratification

When someone doesn't like your shirt, just say, “That's okay because I like it.”